SMAN 1 Nguntoronadi

Mid-Test in Pandemic Era at SMAN 1 Nguntoronadi

SMAN 1 Nguntoronadi. Monday, March 15th at 7, it’s a wonderful morning, all students were ready to do the mid semester examination. On this first day exam, around 276 students were taken part of this. The examination held from Monday 15th to Friday 19th March 2021, both students and teachers have prepared so well.

Our headmaster Mr. Nursahid M.Pd, led and supervised the mid test committee in order to make sure it would run well. The test was conducted by using google form. So, the students didn’t have come to school taking the paper, but they only open the link shared by the teacher’s test committee according to the test schedule.

The students did the test at home. There are 3 stages of test, the first stage of the test began at 7 in the morning, at Sunday, and 7.30 at the day after. The test finish at around 2 in the afternoon. Some of students sent a picture as a substantiation that they were do the test. As the teacher at SMA N 1 Nguntoronadi, we are so proud of them, they are awesome, smart and full of enthusiasm of doing this. In general, they were cooperative doing the test.

The mid test run well in a week; there was no significant case occurred. All the students did well the test, and so did the teacher test committee. We always hope for a better situation and avoid from this covid-19 pandemic, and the teaching learning process will be held normally like we used to do. As the teacher, we do miss them on class. Doing all the teaching learning activities in the classroom.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone. Always do the healthy protocol to avoid the covid pandemic. See you soon in our classroom.

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